DevHero's extensive vetting process means access to pre-qualified, high-quality, tried & tested developers.

Our Vetting Process.

DevHero partners with a global network of high-quality software development agencies, connecting the most experienced close-proximity talent with onshore Australian businesses.

Our proprietary agency vetting process is designed to provide you with the highest levels of confidence when augmenting your software development team.

Step 1: Experienced, hand-selected agencies.

DevHero only works with the most experienced nearshore software development agencies, not individual freelancers.

By working with our pre-qualified agencies you benefit from access to career-focused software developers with experience in Australian projects, a variety of skill-sets across multiple tech stacks and industries, project continuity, development teams who know how to work together and who have been up-skilled culturally to work with Australian businesses, and access to on-site project managers dedicated to scheduling and managing your project to success.

Step 2: Strictly vetted for compliance and technical speciality.

Finding the right offshore team is challenging.

Our rigorous vetting process means we only work with the most experienced nearshore development agencies, agencies that not only comply with our strict compliance standards but who align with our core values of transparency, trust and commitment to excellence.

Each representative from our agency team is extensively interviewed as part of our partner onboarding process.

We take a top down approach reviewing talent at all levels, from Directors to CEOs and project managers through to individual software developers and we assess the technical strengths and weaknesses of each partner in order to direct you to the best fit teams, instantly.

Step 3: A vetting process for technical and communication skills proficiency.

Effective technical and communication skills are critical to the success of a project.

DevHero’s vetting process starts with our agency partners where new recruits are screened based on English language proficiency, technical experience and cultural fit. From there each candidate completes a technical assessment before being personally interviewed and up-skilled to Australian project standards by the DevHero team prior to any project assignment.

Step 4: Developer interviews and test tasks.

We know how important cultural fit is when recruiting new team members.

DevHero developers act as an extension of your team therefore we offer you the ability to interview potential offshore developers one-on-one and put forward any test tasks or code reviews for assessment prior to any engagement.

We only work with agency partners who stand behind their talent.

Step 5: Commitment to excellence.

DevHero is committed to referring only the most experienced, best-fit offshore teams.

The performance of our agencies is measured by the quality of their work and the effectiveness of their communication.

Agency partners are regularly reviewed to ensure our strict standards are being met and projects are being brought to life in alignment with your vision.

DevHero offers peace of mind with our 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not 100% happy with your team.*


We help Australian-based companies and start-ups source highly-skilled offshore developers who are tried & tested to Australian standards


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